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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to generate a very simple 3D model using a series of 2D projections. If you're new to game development, you might want to start with the Getting Started section. Create a basic 3D model I started with creating a simple cylindrical grid structure. Create a simple 3D grid structure Set the following properties: Grid Size: 10 x 10 Scale: 10 As you can see, the angle of the grid is very obvious. To create a simple cylinder structure, I used a cylinder object and set the following properties: Length: 10 Length: 10 Height: 10 Height: 10 Tilt Angles: 90, 90, 90 Rotate: None Once the 3D model is complete, you can convert it to a Unity mesh (we will discuss the Unity Mesh in the next tutorial) or a Unity package. Convert the model to a Unity package Import the 3D model into the Unity editor. Import the 3D model into the Unity editor 3D Projection You will now learn how to generate the 3D model using some visual projections. You can change the angle of projection at the Scale property. Create the projection plane using a simple plane with a rotation. Create the projection plane using a simple plane with a rotation You can use multiple projection planes to generate a complex 3D model. Now create a simple plane for each angle of projection. You can move the points of the plane to match the 3D model. The plane position is updated in the “Angle” property. Since the "Angle" property is updated every time the cube changes, you can update the position of the plane in the "Angle" property. If you move the plane with the Gizmos in Unity, you can see the effect in the Preview Panel in Unity. The normal vector will rotate as the plane moves, and a blue color will be applied to the point to make it easier to recognize. One of the advantages of visual projection is that it's easy to generate a 3D model from 2D



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Rhino 3d 5 Download 13

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